54 – Kill Me Now

I have never written more creative stories in one semester before. It has been forever since I even thought about writing creatively. I’m really glad I got the chance to do something like this. I am proud of myself. I have never been very confident in my writing abilities, even though I have always been praised in that area. I just don’t buy it. I’m starting to be more confident though. I have never put my work up on anything public before, so this was a huge step for me. The fact that my work is up on the internet bothered me at the beginning of the semester, but now I could care less. Honestly, I’m just happy that this project will be over tonight at midnight. I enjoyed my time here. I loved the class. I think I probably learned more from this class than I have in all of college so far and all of high school put together. Or, I guess I should say I think I’ve learned more USEFUL things in this class.

I feel like I have a better scope of my ability and that I know I will keep getting better and better, because I have improved so much just over one semester. I’m still super young, so I can’t even imagine what I will be able to pull off in ten years. I think the best feeling is knowing that I pulled off having a lot of good ideas, which was a concern for me. I never thought of myself as a creative person and I even did some drawing and art projects, which I never thought would happen before.

This project, I would have to say, was some everyday motoring pleasure. At least for a semester anyway.


53 – Reflection – I’m Incredable

I just want to take this post to reflect on my ideas themselves and let everyone reading this know that I think I’m amazing. I’m so impressed with myself. At the beginning I thought it would get harder to come up with ideas that I loved and I would have to settle for crappy ideas. I can say with 99% accuracy that I was IN LOVE with 60% of the ideas that I had and I would stand by them any day.  I was IN HARDCORE LIKE with another 35% of my posts. I may not have loved them as much as my ideas that I held above all else, but I thought they were pretty damn awesome.  The other 5% of my real ideas I feel like were not bad, but I didn’t get to expand them as much as I would have liked. If I could spend a week on one idea, I think I could do some amazing stuff. I think 45 minutes is good though, it allows me to get my thoughts together, an idea formed, and time to post my idea in a manner that comes off the way I want it to.

One of the hardest parts of this project was being able to get what I meant by a post across to whoever is reading it. I talk with my hands a lot, and I feel like tat helps me get my point across.  Maybe I should have just video taped myself explaining the ideas, so that you guys could see my hand gestures.

I’m proud of what I did here, just because I feel like I stayed true to the ideas that I wanted to do. Enduring value, that’s me through and through.

52 – Reflection – Words I Noticed

When I was coming up with my lists for the first week’s directive, I noticed myself using a lot of the same words or synonyms.  When I was creating posts and coming up with more ideas, I definitely noticed a pattern.  I used a number of words a lot, and I think it is because those are the words that I related to VW brand.

The main words that come to mind are these:




These words were all vital to me during this process. All words I ended up using for directives on “No directive” weeks.

By focusing on these words, I could focus on the message I wanted to get across in my posts and keep track of what the brand meant to me personally.

Some other important words that I kept in mind, other than the brand words, are Family, Tradition, Home, and Individuality. I tried to make my posts as human as possible, whether it be connecting with people on a new level by improving lives, or by simply telling interesting, very human-like stories. Everyone has their own story to tell, just as every car has a story behind it.

51 – Borrow a Design – Drive-In Movies

So somewhere I’ve always wanted to go is the drive in movies, but I’ve never found one. When doing this project I have focused a lot of a recycling aspect.  I had a directive on Recycling for one of the no directive weeks and recycling has been incorporated with a few other ideas as well. Well guess what? It’s in this idea too! Yay!

My take on a drive-in movie theater would be just that, except for the drive part. So I guess it would be more like a regular movie theater. My vision for this is a huge movie screen that is outdoors, like the ones they have at drive-ins, and recycled or refurbished VWs as the cars.  The cars are permanent, they do not move around.

This idea would pretty much have to take place in a city; that allows people to be able to walk to the outdoor theater, because parking will not be available. The theater itself is like a parking lot, with the cars already provided.  Everything will run like a drive-in theater, except for the fact that the cars are already parked for you and can not be driven away when the movie is complete. There would be speakers in the cars so that people can hear the movie. Employees would be walking around with snack carts for people to purchase snacks.


50 – Future of Volkswagen – ZOMBIES

So zombies are attacking. I mean, it was just a matter of time, right? There are like five hundred and fifty three zombie films out there, why isn’t anyone prepared?! Oh right, I’m prepared. My family and I will survive this thing, you and your family are going to die and turn into the creepy crawlies. How am I planning on surviving, you ask?

My VW.

No, not just any VW. My super awesome customized VW. With weapons. Just by attaching a couple chainsaws and a sawed off shotgun, I have turned my VW into a zombie killing machine. How’s that for innovative design for ya?


Disclaimer: Super awesome zombie killing VW should only be used in case of real zombie attack. Can be deadly to living.

49 – Future of VW – Volkswagen Town

So my idea for this post is in the future, VW is so successful that they want to buy and start a new town.  They want to build a community from scratch that is self sufficient.  They get rid of everything that is already there, and start new with farms. They put some windmills and solar panels up to give the town all the energy it needs.  They build roads, they make circles a huge part of the town. “Town Square” is in a circular shape, with businesses circling it. It is set up more like a European town than an American one. There is no grocery Super Center. There is a butchers, a bakery, a shop to just buy cheese, etc. Most of the people who live here are tradesmen. They have a particular purpose in this community. Others that live here just want this way of life. It may not be as convenient, but it is a healthy way of living. A more satisfying way of living. VW comes out with a model of bike that most residents move around on, rather than cars. But most cars in the community are VWs.

Everyone is involved with the community projects and everyone helps out everyone. It may sound like a cult, but that’s not where I’m going with this. There are separate families and everyone leads their own lives. However, they are self sufficient. No one needs to leave the town for any of their needs, it can all be found in the community. Most families own vacation houses in other parts of the country or world. It’s kind of a Utopia.

48 – Future of VW – The Power of Dreams

The year is 2062 and the world is in a state of collapse.  1064 species of animals are near exinct and sea level has risen close to two feet; coastal cities are nearing swamp-like conditions. Hawaii is almost completely gone, along with most other pacific islands. In an attempt to slow down the collapse of the Earth or put a stop to it permanently, all the governments of the world have put a ban on all fossil fuels.  No companies could use fossil fuels for energy or consumption. If caught breaking this ban, companies could be dismantled and put out of business, all their funds going to a committee whose mission it was to improve environmental efforts.  With this new ban, governments and companies were forced to find a replacement to power sources.  Most companies used windmills and hydroelectric plants if they were in a geographic location that was able to use such sources.  Solar energy was initially used by a huge number of companies and households as a replacement. Some companies, however, made it their mission to find other sources of power for their products and services.  It was clear that with the world diminishing in such a fashion that a new, more efficient source of energy needed to come to light.  Volkswagen was at the head of this movement and they became a leader in the preservation and improvement of the environment.  This is their story. *Cue Law and Order beats*

“Tommy, wake up.”

My eyes snapped open and were met with a blinding light. Mother had ripped open the blinds and was crossing the room back to my bed.


“I’m awake, I’m awake. I’ll meet you downstairs, just give me a minute.” I said, wiping my eyes. I looked at my clock and saw that it was close to 7 AM. Time for school.

“Make sure your DreamFree has enough charge to get you to school and back. If not, ask your brother for some of his,” she said over her should, moving out of the room and down the stairs.

I checked the bracelet on my wrist like I have done every morning for as long as I can remember. It was nearly full, even after the house took what it needed.  Good, it should be after the nightmare I just had. I had dreamt that I was lost in a corn field and I just kept running. I ran and I ran, but the field never seemed to end or even thin out.

I went downstairs and immediately smelled pancakes.  My mother was at the stove and my father was at the table going over some documents on his computer. My little brother was sitting on my father’s lap, playing with his tie.

“It looks like we have an surplus of dreams for the month again. We may want to think about making a donation to the Dream Bank; our savings look fine,” my father said, as he bounced William on his knee.

“Why wouldn’t you just put more in savings to build it up, Dad? Can we ever really have enough savings?” I asked as I also sat at the table.

“We can never have enough savings, that is true. It’s a good thing to share the wealth, though. You never know what the future will hold, William is getting older. Young children seem to dream more and have more powerful dreams, and he will soon grow out of it just as you did.  We may one day need the Dream Bank, and it wouldn’t be there if people who had a surplus like us just kept it to themselves. We have to take care of each other,” he said over his glasses. My mother looked up from the stove and smiled.

Later, as I was heading out the door on my way to school, I thought about what my father had said.  It seemed simple enough. I scanned my DreamFree bracelet on the dashboard of my car and it started up. By the time I reached school, the bracelet had drained half a bar.  At the door of the school, I placed my bracelet up to the donation scanner and gave a few seconds of dream. I felt a little better about myself for the rest of the day.

I came up with the idea of dream powered cars when we were talking about the future of VW in class.  I connect VW with a more liberal way of thinking, and the environment goes hand in hand with that.  I figured that once the environment got bad enough, we would have to start thinking of more ways to get energy, especially for cars.  Electric cars won’t even work if the places we get electricity from work off of fossil fuels.  I figured VW will be one of the first car companies to try something new, because they are all about innovation.

I have always wondered where the energy you exert in your dreams goes.  We sleep to gain energy back, but it seems that dreaming would use up energy. I took that idea even farther in thinking that if we were doing something active like running or jumping in dreams that that energy would have to go somewhere.  Nightmares and really good dreams give us emotional connections, which also seems like there would have to be some energy there.  So where does it all go? If someone could figure out a way to capture that energy, it would be pure and wouldn’t hurt the environment. So, I came up with the idea that some type of technology could be invented and processed in the form of a bracelet. You could run everything that runs on electric now on these bracelets that captured the energy exerted in your dreams. People would be able to give their dream powers to people in need, it could also be used as a form of currency if you wanted to take it that far.  Children would also contribute to the family’s dream power. It’d be a nice way of doing things, anyway, if it were possible.